get to your goals faster and easier

All my life, I have had to learn things the hard way, and now I'm passing my knowledge onto you so that you can get to your travel and life goals faster.

Everyone wants to travel! But, in my experience, so few people actually get out there and do it. Many just aren’t sure where to start. I’ll help you out there. I’ve been to nearly 60 countries over all 7 continents and have lived in 4 countries. I want to pass my knowledge onto you.

But, going traveling isn’t just about getting on a plane and heading somewhere new. Your fitness, your finances, and your life organization are all going to factor into how you travel and what you do when you’re traveling. I can help you out with this too! As an OCR and endurance athlete, I can help you get into the best shape of your life. Also, from my management experience, I have learned how to keep myself organized and focused on my goals at all times. I can help you learn to keep your eye on the prize!l