A Weekend or the World Resources Appendix

The audiobook version of my book just went live! To make things easier for both the readers and listeners of my book, I’ve put the resources appendix up as a post so that the links and products mentioned are much easier to find and click on.

Send me a message if you have any questions about any of these.

These are listed in roughly the order they appear in the book.

Determine Your Traveler Archetype
Foodie Show: Chef ’s Table on Netflix

Rough Budget Calculations to Keep in Mind
How-to-Travel-Cheap Book: How to Travel the World on 50 Dollars a Day by Matt Kepnes

Destinations by Archetype
Foodie Website: The Fork—thefork.com
Foodie Website: Yelp—yelp.com
Foodie App: Google Maps and search for restaurants

Day-to-Day Time Management and Logistics
Travel Things-to-Do Research: Trip Advisor—tripadvisor.com

When to Skip a Destination
Country Safety Research: CIA Factbook—cia.gov/library/
This site has moved to cia.gov/the-world-factbook/

Getting around during Your Trip
Flight Booking: Matrix ITA—matrix.itasoftware.com and then use BookWithMatrix.com
Flight Booking: Google Flights—google.com/flights

To Go in Groups or Alone
Group-Splitting Money App and Website: Splitwise—splitwise.com

Sample Itineraries
Free Calendar-Making Tool: WinCalendar—wincalendar.com

Trip Timing and Budget Tweaks
Country Weather Research: World Climate & Temperature—climatemps.com

Draft Your Itinerary
Financial Advice: Mr. Money Mustache—Early Retirement through Badassity—mrmoneymustache.com
Minimalism Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

World Vaccination Recommendations: Traveler’s Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—cdc.gov/travel

Physical Fitness

Visa Research and Help Obtaining Visas: VisaHQ—visahq.com

Set Up Your Bank Accounts Properly
Travel Bank Account Research: Nerd Wallet—nerdwallet.com
Recommended Banks for Travel Accounts: Schwab Banking—schwab.com
Recommended Banks for Travel Credit Cards: Bank of America—bankofamerica.com

Booking Your Trip
Hostel Booking Website: Hostel World—hostelworld.com
Hotel Booking Website: Kayak—kayak.com
Hotel Booking Website: Booking.com—booking.com
Compare Travel Insurance Plans: TravelInsurance.com—travelinsurance.com
Couch surfing—couchsurfing.com

What to Pack (Amazon links below text)
Minimal Wardrobes: Project 333 or look up “Capsule Wardrobes”—bemorewithless.com/project-333/
Good Bottles for Toiletries: Nalgene, check Amazon
Good Shaving Cream Substitute: King of Shaves—shave.com and on Amazon
Good Collapsible Camp Cup: Sea to Summit X Cup, check Amazon
App for Text-to-Speech PDF Reading: @Voice (Android)

Right before You Leave
Home Theft Deterrent: FakeTV, check Amazon

Language Issues
Language Translation: Google Translate (Android and iPhone)

Scuba Diving Safety
Diving Insurance: DAN insurance—diversalertnetwork.org/insurance/

Knowing Is Half the Battle
Medical Training: American Red Cross—redcross.org

Safety and Security
Online Self-Defense Training: Impact Krav Maga Online—impactkravmagaonline.com
Krav Maga Global Online Training—maxkravmaga.com
Traveler Safety Registration for Embassies: Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or STEP—step.state.gov/step/

After the Trip
Meet Other Travelers: Meetup—meetup.com
Meditation and Mindfulness Practice: Headspace—headspace.com
Meditation and Mindfulness Practice: Calm—calm.com

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