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Introducing The “How To Travel” Category

I wanted to introduce the “How To Travel” category on my blog here by explaining what/who this category is for.  While I’m currently (as of writing this) trying to publish my book on how to travel, the topic area itself is just monumentally huge.  There’s simply no way that I can cover all the things I’ve learned in my travels in one normal length book.

If you think about it a little, the act of traveling is really just living. But, living outside of your normal day-to-day environment.  Think about how many decisions you make before you even leave for work. Plus, how many years has it taken you to accumulate that knowledge.  I think if really pressed, most people could write a full length book just on their views on how to properly take a shower.  Check this out if you’re interested in reading more about decision making. Because of the enormous complexity of your daily decisions, imagine now applying just as many thoughts to the travel environment, where everything is slightly different than at home.  There are a lot of topics to cover.  So, while my book contains the main points that any new traveler needs to know, it doesn’t go into the nitty-gritty of some other things that people might find important.

Hence, the “How To Travel” category.  I’m going to talk about all sorts of random things in here. If you have something you need to know about and can’t find it here, send me email and I’ll see what I can do.

Also, any requests I receive will push those topics to the front of my queue. So let me know what you need. I can probably help you out.

This can be anything from what kind of toothbrush to pack, to what fabric is best for travel. It could able be a question about how to pack for a scuba diving vacation.

For example, why did I decide to go to Mexico first? Why did I turn out and come home after that before I went to Japan? And then why did I finish my first trip in New Zealand? All of these things had reasons and motives, I’ll try to get to everything in this category!

Really, this is an endless topic.  Ask away!

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