Proud Supporter of the Navy Seals Patch

Navy Seals Patch Update!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who bought a Proud Supporter of the Navy Seals patch and helped donate to the Navy Seal Foundation! Through my Joggin’ For Frogmen fundraising page, you all managed to donate over $262 to help out the families of these warriors!!!

I would love to keep this going and try to get more money raised for these men and their families, as well as the men and families of other SOF units, but unfortunately due to current tax laws, I cannot act as a pass-through for donations. This has had the consequence that trying to require a donation for purchasing these patches as proven incredibly complicated and clunky.

In order to streamline this a bit more, and make this patch more available, I’m dropping the donation requirement for purchase. PayPal has a system to split the payment into two different destination accounts which would make this donation process much easier, however, this feature is unfortunately only available by invitation. Someday!

That said, I hope everyone in the future will be on the honor system to do something in honor of these men and their sacrifices.

Thank you again to everyone! If you would like to purchase a Proud Supporter of the Navy Seals patch of your own, head over to the My Shop. You can also find me on Ruckmall if you’ve done a GORUCK event. Honestly, the real reason I even came up with this patch series was because of my involvement with GORUCK, so thank you to GORUCK also!

If enough of these sell, I’ll be making Special Forces and Marine Raider patches as well, so get in there!

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